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forecast. a little cooler out there if you have been longing to put out a sweatshirt. >> that sea breeze kicking in, hot in spots though, 94 concord, 70s in oakland and san francisco much cooler weather on the way. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now it's traffic time with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. we are following two separate accidents right now in oakland. first northbound 880 right before high street exit. we have a backup there. kcbs airborne says two right lanes are blocked so it is stacking up just north of the coliseum. plus we have another accident in oakland in the southbound lanes of 880. we'll have all your traffic details in a couple of minutes. back to you. >> thank you. 6:00 straight up now. search teams will be back at work this morning to find seven northern california men missing from a sunken fishing boat over the week. many are from the bay area as we have been talking about that. boat went down during a sudden storm early sunday morning in
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mexico's sea of cortez. kristy seifkin reports. >> reporter: good morning. the search continued all day yesterday and by the end of the day unfortunately all that was found was debris. but it's hopeful that those missing victims are still alive because the waters are pretty warm. we're looking at between 7and 8degrees and conditions are calm, as well. we have found out since yesterday the identity of that one deceased passenger. that 65-year-old leslie yee a former employee of the "san francisco chronicle." this was his first fishing troy payne baja after nearly 37 years with the newspaper. >> he was my best friend. he actually successfully guided me, you know, into being a mature adult while maintaining a best friendship. >> of the seven men still missing, four are pictured here. russell bautista of penngrove. dodged lee of san ramon. gene leong of dublin. and albert mien of twain heart.
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and all four of these men were close friends. we spoke to gene's family who still has hope that the 69-year- old will return alive as he is a survivor. >> me and him we're supposed to go together. and now -- so i offered for him to go for father's day and he went with some friends of ours. [ crying ] >> reporter: leong's son told us his father earned a purple heart in vietnam. gene had retired after 30 years of selling mother's cookies to grocery stores. teams continue to search for the missing individuals today. yesterday the coast guard sent a plane from sacramento to mexico to assist the mexican navy in its search. they are on the way to mexico.
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keep you updated. >> they could be in the boat on the bottom of the ocean, in the ocean or one of the islands. that's still a possibility? >> reporter: absolutely. in fact, some of the survivors were able to swim to some islands that were in the area. they have checked out most of the area in the vicinity right now above water and haven't found anybody so below water kind of is the next area they have to check and they are looking for scuba divers to check. >> do we know how far offshore it was when it went down? >> reporter: i don't know. a couple hundred miles off the coast. >> thank you. 35 men did survive the sinking. the "chronicle" reports 17 were saved by people who happened to be nearby either onshore or in private boats. >> it was nice to help out to thieves give them a little hope and then -- it was nice to help out to at least give them a little hope and then get the
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people reunited. >> the mexican navy rescued 18 of the survivors. we are going to continue to monitor this search and keep the latest updates for you at law enforcement leaders from all across the bay area are gathering this morning hoping to hold two gangs responsible for the shooting death of a baby in june. anser hassan is in east palo alto where they are meeting. good morning. >> reporter: east palo alto police say they want to send a clear and strong message to the norteno and sereno gangs that both gangs are responsible for the killing of a 3-month-old in june. the city is making it a top priority to shut them down. today the east palo alto police invited federal, state and local law enforcement to a conference. together they hope to gather and share intelligence to come up with a plan to target these gangs. the city has been working for years to target the two gangs but the killing of a 3-month-
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old izack garcia last month has really prompted this latest operation. on the morning of june 5, a gunman from the norteno gang opened fire on the parents and child mistaking them for serenos. police arrested a 17-year-old gang member for the murder. but the killing has really impacted this community and many residents say they are happy to see the police getting tough by targeting the gangs. >> i think it's good to get the bad people off the street. i have a young niece and my nephew. so i prefer for them to be able to play outside like i did when i was growing up. >> reporter: so today at the day-long conference the city has invited over 100 law enforcement officials from around the country including folks from homeland security, the department of justice and also local law enforcement. so the city really wants to send a message that they want
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to end gang violence. >> they meet today. thank you, anser hassan live in east palo alto. in oakland now, this morning the chief of police plans to announce upcoming changes to his department. anthony batts will hold a news conference to discuss a reorganization aimed at enhancing public service under the city's budget for the new fiscal year. the city will rehire 22 of the 80 police officers it laid off last year. a new id program in richmond is sparking a debate regarding illegal immigrants. people who have lived in town for 15 days of the last month are eligible for an id card to give them access to services things like public transportation, libraries. supporters say residents can open bank accounts with the ids as well but critics say they encourage illegal immigration. time to get up because we have a beautiful day ahead. 6:06. >> a little less hot in some of
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these areas. no more triple digits for a while here? >> yeah. we are done with the triple digits for probably quite a while. a neat start to the day. fog going into the hills. it looks like that's squashed down at the deck. dense fog at the coast. that's a sign of cooler temperatures in the works. sea breeze today will take time to work inland. 50s and 60s inland today even a little warmer. but by the afternoon not as hot, still 90s in the valleys, 70s and 80s around the bay, 90 in san jose, cool 60s it patchy fog at the coast. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. the best traffic reporter in the area! [ laughter ] >> we have two separate accidents we are dealing with in oakland. northbound 880 all lanes opened after an accident with big rigs approaching high street north of the coliseum. we were seeing a slight backup
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there. all lanes re-opened. didn't take long for things to quickly recover. i mentioned two accidents? we are still dealing with one in the southbound direction. this is southbound 880 approaching embarcadero. and unfortunately, it sounds like still the right lane is blocked. this is another accident involving a couple of cars. still picking up slowing on our sensors almost to the 980 interchange so we'll continue to watch that hotspot. and the bay bridge in the meantime. back to you guys. >> thank you. time now 6:08. a stunning verdict in the casey anthony trial. the emotional insight one alternate juror is giving about that high-profile case. >> plus, gay history in the classroom. the landmark bill signature on the governor's test -- sitting on the governor's desk. and it could be a game changer from facebook. coming up. ,, ,,
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[ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. it's gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. took jurors less than eleven hours to come up with the casey anthony could be a free woman as early as tomorrow. it took jurors less than 11 hours to come up with this controversial verdict. >> as to charge of first-degree murder, verdict as to count 1, we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty.
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>> reporter: casey anthony emotional tuesday as she learned she was acquitted of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse in the death of her 2-year-old child. outside the orlando courtroom, outrage. >> i can't believe it. that's disgusting. this is disgusting. >> reporter: even those who were close to the 25-year-old mother expressed disappointment. >> i'm appalled and now i'm angry and i say, shame on this jury! they're either not too bright or just plain lazy. >> i walk away from this case with just dissatisfaction with everything. nobody sought out the truth in this. this was all about winning. this was never about the truth. >> reporter: all 12 jurors refused to speak to the media. but an alternate gave some insight into the decision. >> i can save this for all 17 of us. there was some type of horrific accident. the family knows a lot more than what they're -- what came out at the trial.
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but they didn't prove that there was a murder. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. >> reporter: anthony was convicted on four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators. she will be sentenced thursday and could walk free with time already served. >> if somebody would get the newsroom to be quiet. when somebody was announcing the verdict. it was amazing when they announced the verdict. it was amazing. >> we'll continue it talk about that especially with the sentencing tomorrow. time now 6:14. changing up the lesson plan for california students. controversial subject that can be a first in the entire nation. >> a scare in the stands. a flying bat sent a woman to the hospital, when we come
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back. today's travel forecast, mostly sunny at sfo 76 degrees in the afternoon. we are cleared for take-off there. traveling around the country not too bad. you will pass through a few clouds towards chicago. partly cloudy skies there, very comfortable 79 degrees. if you do plan to continue on toward the new york area, it doesn't look too bad. as a matter of fact, how about 90 degrees, hot and mostly sunny skies. the rest of your forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california men are still missing from the fishing boat that sank in mexico sunday morning. the search for them continues here's a look at today's top stories. 7 not sure california men are still missing -- california northern california men are still missing. the search continues this morning in the sea of cortez. anthony batts is about to announce changes to the department to enhance public service. under the new budget it will rehire 22 of the 80 officers it laid off. tomorrow president obama will discuss raising the nation's debt limit with congressional leaders tomorrow. if the ceiling isn't raised by august 2, the united states will default on its bills. we are looking at cooling weather around the bay area but it's going to take time to cool down the interior valleys but boy, here comes the fog and low clouds stretching into san francisco sow you get the idea
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the offshore -- so you get the idea, the offshore breeze, the ridge of high pressure strong overhead so it's going to be a slow cooling trend for the bay area today. temperatures mild inland some temperatures well into the 60s already. clear in the valleys, patchy fog in the bay. at the coast, dense fog. by this afternoon, temperatures into the 90s inland. 60s and 70s in the bay. 80s and 90s toward the santa clara valley. at the coast, we have temperatures running into the 60s. but this patchy fog has returned and some of it thick at the coast but that ridge so strong, it's squashing it toward the beaches so it can't make its way inland so we are going to keep things hot in the valleys but the slow cooling trend is under way as this ridge will slowly work its way inward. then a trough will sweep down over the next couple of days cooling down the temperatures. that means more low clouds and fog and a cooling trend in effect. highs today 90 in san jose, 89 in santa clara, 86 in fremont
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and 82 in san mateo. east bay numbers still on the hot side. 97 in brentwood, about 96 in livermore. and about 97 in pleasanton. inside the bay cooler with the sea breeze. north coast mainly into the 60s with patchy fog. mid-80s into the santa rosa area. next couple of days slowly cooling down, finally out of the 90s on the weekend temperatures much more comfortable with more low clouds and fog slowly peeling back toward the coastline as we head into the afternoon hours. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. bark out to 880. both of our -- back out to 880, both of our earlier accidents are cleared. northbound 880 approaching high street and another one southbound 880 before embarcadero, so as you can see, it is all green now. so everything is back to normal both directions of 880 through oakland of our closest camera is near the coliseum. we were seeing delays around the high street exit but not
6:20 am
any longer. easy ride from hayward towards oakland. bay bridge looks like we are seeing slight backups. our camera just froze. no metering lights yet. they will likely be turned on any minute but only small delays before the pay gate. san mateo, elsewhere, westbound 92 looks great here, as well. about a 13-minute drive out of hayward heading towards foster city and the peninsula and if you are traveling eastbound 92, still looks good there as well off the high-rise. so san mateo bridge hat given us no issues all morning long. the central freeway if you are coming into and out of san francisco, so far no problems, 101, 280, it's a quick trip along the peninsula and to the south pay now 280 traffic out of downtown san jose really light still. you can see a couple of cars there heading northbound approaching the 880 highway 17 interchange. we have greg our photographer standing by live near the airport. right there on 101 in san bruno where northbound traffic looks great. so no issues right now heading
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out towards sfo. check us out on twitter at cbs 5 traffic. if you see any hot spots, get the latest traffic, check us out on twitter. back to you guys. making history. a bill requiring california public schools to teach gay history is now on its way to governor brown's desk. it could be a first in the nation. this morning, the "los angeles times" is reporting the bill would make california the first state in the union to require history classes and textbooks to include the contribution of gay and lesbian americans. democrats in the state assembly passed sb-48 yesterday in a vote divided along party lines. >> we used to deny this education about jews, about religious minorities, with african-americans. >> i voted against it because i think it's an unnecessary step. it still comes back down to we're sexualizing education that's very inappropriate particularly in the early elementary years. >> the bill would allow local school boards to decide how to implement these lesson plans. governor brown has 12 days to
6:22 am
sign or veto that measure. coming up, a british tabloid under fire for hacking into the voicemail of a murdered teenager. how the paper's actions gave false hope to the girl's family. >> and more up close and personal with your friends online. the big announcement expected from facebook in just a few hours. >> and it's awesome. >> supposedly. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we are just hours away from
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facebook's big announcement. last week their ceo mark zuckerberg said the company will launch something awesome. rumor has it the website will launch an in-browser video chatting feature powered by skype. tech gurus also speculate could be streaming music service for an app for apple's ipad. zuckerberg will make the announcement at 10 a.m. at facebook headquarters in palo alto. and we'll all find out together. all right. now it is the clip that's just been making me cringe all morning. >> shall we show it again. i think we have to. incasion you missed it. >> a slugger -- in case you missed it. >> a slugger's bat goes flying and hits three people. one woman went to the hospital with a head injury after this bat hit her. check it out. >> oh!! >> oh, look out. sandoval lost his bat. towards fans above the padres >> pablo sandoval lost the bat in the 1st inning against the padres.
6:26 am
it went sailing over the padres dugout as you can see. it hit the woman and then skinned off a couple of other people. that woman actually went to the hospital to get checked out. she is going to be okay. she was holding her head with a towel. one man was hit above the eyebrow a second in the shin. so it was a trifecta. but everyone is expected to be okay. >> it just came at them with such velocity. >> you don't expect a flying bat and if you don't have your head turned toward the plate you're in tough shape. team usa getting ready for the next match in the women's world cup soccer tournament. the two time champion americans will play sweden today in germany. both teams have already qualified for the quarterfinals. today's contest begins at 11:30 this morning local time. 6:27. some say it's giving he will lyle immigrants a free -- illegal immigrants a free pass. the controversial id cards approved in one bay area city. >> it's like a heist out of "oceans 11". a picasso sketch worth hundreds
6:27 am
of thousands of dollars stolen from union square in broad daylight. the coast guard searching for seven men missing after a boat capsized on sunday. we catch up with family members in a live report coming up. >> starting this morning, east palo alto police will be cracking down on gang violence. we'll explain who is in town and what they are doing coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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10 pieces of the world's best chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. it's 6:30 on wednesday, july 6. i'm anne makovec. >> you are. you're wide awake, aren't you. i am. you know, at this point in the show, we're ready to roll. of course the show's almost over. >> it only took a couple of hours for both of us but we're here for you, folks. it's 6:30. lawrence iswake. >> we are cooling things down but it's going to be relative and parts of the bay area looking at temperatures in the 90s inland 70s in oakland and san francisco bigger cooling trend on the way. we'll talk more about that in a moment. first let's see what it looks like in traffic. >> they turned on the metering lights so we are left with this, a backup, unfortunately, so yeah, things are starting to get busy heading into san
6:31 am
francisco. we'll have more coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. the search continues this morning for seven northern california men missing from a sunken fishing boat in baja. as we have been talking about, many are from the bay area. the boat went down early sunday morning in mexico's sea of cortez south of san felipe early sunday morning. the rescue mission is still on this morning. kristy seifkin reports. still some level of hope. >> reporter: there is just in the fact that this is still a rescue mission and not a recovery mission and part of the reason for that are the favorable conditions for the search. we have warm waters, we're looking at between 70 and 80 degrees, calm waters and warm conditions outside, as well. and that means those missing men still could be alive. now, since yesterday we have found out the identity of the one gentleman who did die whose name is leslie yee a 65-year- old who was a former employee of the "san francisco chronicle." this was his first fishing trip to baja after nearly 37 years with the paper. >> initially he didn't want to go but his high school friends
6:32 am
wanted to go, 12 to 17 of them. they decided to go and they usually go every year. they would ask him to go and he never could find the time. but finally now that's retired from the "chronicle" and he has all this free time he figured, why not? >> reporter: of the seven men still missing four are pictured here. russell bautista, don lee, gene leong, and albert mien. the four men are close friends. gary wong from berkeley is another one of the survivors. he was on an annual fishing trip with his brothers when the boat capsized and he was thrown into the water. wong had to hold onto a three- foot life ring with three other men until he was rescued. >> we pat. with our hands. we saw the link icebox. ice chest. we used that for a paddle. some of us paddled, all using hands and paddled all the way to shore. we were in the water over 14
6:33 am
hours. >> geary and his three brothers craig, glen and brian are avid fishermen and while craig, glen and gary made it back safely to shore, brian is still missing. yesterday the coast guard and mexican navy continued to search in those waters. there is a c-130 plane that was sent from sacramento down to mexico. that plane has since returned. another plane being sent out this morning to continue with those search efforts. back to you. >> still some home. thank you, kristy seifkin live in our newsroom. of course, we'll continue to monitor the search and keep the latest updates. all you have to do is go to our website, law enforcement leaders in the bay area are meeting today hoping to hold two gangs accountable for the shooting death of a baby. anser hassan joins us live from east palo alto where that meeting is going to take place. it sounds like they are pulling out out all the weapons in their arsenal. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. we are live at east palo alto police department.
6:34 am
here's their mural. it shows that justice is blind. but police say they are not blind to the nortenos serenos gang violence in their city. today they are hosting a day long conference calling on federal state and local law enforcement officials to help police come up with a plan to target both gangs. east palo alto police department has been targeting the nortenos and serenos gangs for years but this latest effort was prompted by a july 5 shooting that killed 3-month- old izack garcia. the baby and his parents were mistaken as serenos and shot by a 17-year-old norteno gang member. last week the police hit the streets at the homes of gang members who are parolees or on probation. acting police captain jeff liu says they are very structured gangs. speaking last month he said they want to send a clear and strong message that if one member does wrong, both gangs
6:35 am
can be held responsible. >> police department and the community have spoken out and said that the quote, unquote collateral damage of a -month-old baby -- 3-month-old baby getting killed because of this back and forth battle between gangs is unacceptable. >> reporter: east palo alto police department has invited over 100 law enforcement officials from around the country including folks from homeland security, the department of justice even the irs to look into possible tax violations of known gang members. so the city is pulling out the stops in cracking down on gang violence in the city. >> sounds like the death of this 3-month-old baby really invigorated the efforts to use the tools that they already had to go after these gangs. >> reporter: absolutely. and i think one of the reasons is, is 3-month-old baby being killed mistaken as a gang member coming out when it's -- when his parents were coming out from a party put the community on edge that violence is out of hand and a lot of the community members that we spoke
6:36 am
with say they are happy to see that the police are getting tough on gang violence. >> all right. thanks, anser. in oakland this morning, police chief anthony batts planning to announce some upcoming changes to his department. he is holding a news conference to discuss a reorganization to enhance public service. under the city's budget for the in us fiscal year the city -- for the new fiscal year, the city will rehire 22 of the 80 police officers they fired last year. more good news on the weather front. it's cooling down but we are looking out 80s and 90s in the bay area. lawrence? >> we are going to bring those temperatures down slowly over the next few days. no hot 100s out there. we have seen the triple digits in the east bay looking toward mount diablo hot in that area talking about 90s but temperatures finally cooling down as high pressure weakens. that's allowed more of a sea breeze. dense fog at the coast. some of that just sneaking inside the bay. so those temperatures are going to start to drop. yesterday 99 in concord. today about 94, five degrees
6:37 am
cooler. 92 yesterday in san jose. should drop two degrees at 90. you should see more significant drops over the next couple of days as the temperatures are going to come down across the board. as a matter of fact, by this next weekend, i think on the high-end temperatures in the 80s. low clouds and fog slowly breaking back toward the coastline. let's check the traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. we'll check our ride out of marin county. southbound 101 perfect a camera near mill valley showing you southbound 101 traffic and looks great. really no major issues. there is some fog as lawrence mentioned. you can see it across the deck of the golden gate bridge if you are heading that direction. 880 looks great now. we had a couple fender-benders one northbound 880 at high street, another in the southbound lanes of 880. everything is now cleared. so a little sluggish past fruitvale northbound. over at backups are gone. bay bridge different story. backups continue to grow unfortunately. metering lights are on. they have been since before 6:0. so it continues to stack up there -- 6:30, so it continues
6:38 am
to stack up there beyond the west grand overcrossing 10 to 15 minute wait to get on the bridge. back to you. >> thank you. a new id program for people living in richmond is triggering a debate over illegal immigration. the city council approved the new program yesterday. nip who lived in town for 15 days of the last month -- anyone who lived in town for 15 days for the last month will be eligible for an id card to get access to a number of services from public transportation to libraries. supporters say people then can open bank accounts with these ids but critics say it encourages illegal immigration. police have identified the man shot and killed by bart officers but they are going to wait to contact his family before releasing his name. bart deputy police chief says cameras caught a partial view of sunday night's incident. investigators say the man was drug and being aggressive while carrying a broken bottle and a knife. one of the two officers was carrying a taser but he didn't use it. starting monday now all bart police officers will be
6:39 am
required to carry tasers. and this morning, san francisco police are hoping to find the person who swiped a piece of art from the weinstein gallery in union square, a sketch by pablo picasso right off the wall. his 1965 work "tete de femme" is only about the size of a piece of paper but it's worth over $200,000. the galley says it may be difficult to sell but they hope the suspect doesn't destroy it. and some historic papers went up in smoke in one of santa clara's largest wildfires. now the people blamed for starting that fire will have to pay up. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us live from san jose to explain. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about the "lick" fire in 2007. one of the largest ever here in santa clara county. it burned over 47,000 acres. and in that area, about 20 outbuildings were destroyed. those are cabins, sheds, that kind of thing. in one of those buildings were
6:40 am
some pretty important papers. they were handwritten by albert einstein. they belonged to a san jose state chemistry professor. his name is dan strauss. he inherited them from his father ernst strauss the renowned mathematician and friend of einstein. dr. strauss decided to sue the woman who started the fire and her entire family claiming that they all knew about the burn barrel where this fire started and that they should pay the damages for these lost papers. yesterday a jury here in san jose bought that argument and decided to award dr. strauss $750,000 for the loss of those einstein papers. the attorney for the family says that that award is excessive. they plan to appeal the jury's verdict. by the way, dr. strauss says that he has learned his lesson. he now keeps his one remaining einstein paper a poem written in german in a bank vault. that's the latest from here in san jose. back to you guys. >> all right.
6:41 am
kcbs radio's matt bigler thank you. time now 6:40. some shocking allegations out of great britain. the phone hacking scandal that allegedly targeted a teenaged murder victim coming up. >> a weather phenomenon caught on tape in arizona. how this wall of dust caused some big problems for air travel and really all over the city. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let take a check of the numbers. dow looking okay. nasdaq has and s&p need work. it's early. kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks will join us shortly with an update coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 am
6:44 am
a "haboob" ("huh-boob") that blew across arizona. it was a huge dust storm... about fifty a huge dust storm just blew through phoenix about 50 miles wide in fact. the wind was blowing at more than 60 miles an hour. the visibility was so bad, the faa stopped flights from heading into phoenix and out of phoenix for a while yesterday. you can't see much of anything there, lawrence. but much better news up in our neck of the woods i guess. >> yeah. that's something else. we have a fog bank out there right now. over the bay right now, we have mostly sunny skies although you see some of that fog in the distance. a sign of the sea breeze kicking in and that means we're
6:45 am
going to see some cooler temperatures over the next couple of days. patchy fog getting dense at the coastline. watch out for that. it's right near the surface at the coast. out at the beaches today you will see 60s for highs here. you get inside the bay 60s and 70s a bit of a sea breeze with 80s and 90s in toward the san jose area. but the interior valley still well into the 90s. so a slow cooling trend in effect. low clouds and fog hugging the coastline right now. we have a little subtropical moisture out there, as well. that will move across your skies. this ridge is weakening and it's going to head eastward. the low is going to drop in slowly and that means day after day we'll watch these temperatures coming down as the fog is going to penetrate further each day. numbers as high as 92 in morgan hill today, 86 fremont, 63, cooler in half moon bay. east bay temperatures still hot. 97 degrees expected high in brentwood today. we are done with the hot 100s
6:46 am
for a week or so. 70s in berkeley, richmond, coastside patchy fog. 90s into benicia and fairfield. temperatures will cool down, patchy fog continuing the next couple of days, thickening up toward the weekend. those numbers below average in the middle of next week. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> traffic is moving across okay. we had a couple of earlier problem spots earlier in the morning commute especially along 880. no major accidents. back to work this morning, here's a live look through pleasanton. westbound 580 approaching the dublin interchange. so far, so good. in fact, let's go to our maps so we can give you a drive time for this stretch. 26 minutes now out of the altamont pass heading towards 680 and the dublin interchange so brake lights there out there especially as you reach livermore. pretty close to vasco road. that's where it starts to get
6:47 am
sluggish. highway 4 better than typical. especially some speeds under 25 miles an hour approaching a street. southbound 680 looks good into martinez. carquinez bridge looks great. no major delays down the eastshore freeway if that's where you're heading of the towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we have backups stacking up to the 880 overcrossing. so 15-minute wait or so to get on the bridge. and then look at all these slow sensors up the incline. so it's a pretty slow ride from the incline to the "s" curve this morning. and later on this evening want to tell you about a giants game. giants take on san diego over at at&t park later on this even around 7:15. there may be extra traffic in the city tonight. outside we'll show you what it looks like along the peninsula. we have a photographer near san bruno. northbound and southbound so
6:48 am
far, so good. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. twitter figures it's worth a pretty penny. actually $700 billion. >> here's jason brooks with kcbs and >> reporter: good morning. twitter could be worth quite a few pennies out there. $7billion according to the latest round of private funding. there's been a lot of interest in tech i pos. you have zynga, linkedin, and others. twitter being a little more patient preferring to raise money on the private markets instead while it matures its advertising model. it comes down to the form of targeted tweets. unlike some of the other companies like zynga in particular, twitter hasn't been growing a lot of revenue perhaps $150 million in revenue
6:49 am
this year. that pales in comparison to others. stock market down today from overseas worries. moody's downgrading portugal saying they may need a second bailout like greece and china raised a key interest rate for the third time this year battling rising inflation. it hasn't been successful. there are fears if that inflation hits a bubble that could nail the chinese economy and as a result, the global economy, as well. right now the dow is up by 9 points just turned positive. nasdaq lower by one. the s&p down a couple of points. oil also up a little bit more this morning over $97 a barrel with a big jump yesterday hitting a three-week high. >> wow. okay, jason brooks with kcbs and thank you. well, if you have a question for the president, keep it under 140 characters. >> that is the rule. president obama hosting a town hall meeting via twitter at
6:50 am
11:00 this morning. the event is going to focus on jobs and the economy. he will give verbal answers in front of a live audience at the white house. well, it may be a new low for even britain's tawdry tabloids. >> the news of the world that been accused of hacking into a teenager's cell phone jeopardizing a police investigation into her disappearance. and subsequent death. the newspaper allegedly hacked into the teen's phone to hear desperate messages from family members. some of those message were deleted giving the family hope that the girl could have been alive and dialing into her voicemail and maybe deleting them herself. the girl was later found dead. british media also reports the parents of two schoolgirls murdered in 2002 were told by police that they were investigating whether the news of the world also hacked into their telephones. time now for what's coming up later on this morning in "the early show." >> we do that with mr. chris wragge fresh off a little vacation break down south.
6:51 am
he joins us more. >> reporter: good morning. couple of days, you know, the 4th of july weekend decided to go see my dad in florida as a matter of fact. and we played some golf. >> you're looking good. >> it's the makeup. [ laughter ] >> coming up on "the early show" you were mentioning that cell phone hacking that's going on in britain now with the news of the world which is their tabloid publication out there. hugh grant has been hacked through his cell phone before. and he is taking a very big stand against the news of the world its publishers and the people behind this. he actually did a little covert mission. we'll have hugh grant live to talk about that because this is a very big story, reaching the parliament and prime minister. it's unbelievable stuff so we'll talk about that. also, the story that everyone is talking about the verdict and the reaction in the casey anthony trial. we'll ask an advisor to her defense team what led the jury to return that not guilty verdict. and also the president calls in
6:52 am
congressional leaders to work on a debt ceiling deal. some say there will be talk but little action. we'll talk to two key senators involved in the dealing. we have that coming up on "the early show." very busy show this morning. all that coming up and darius rubbinger in concert in the plaza behind me -- rucker in concert in the plaza behind me singing. >> it's all good. >> reporter: i don't know if frank told you about his vocal stylings. he is a great singer himself. >> i have not heard this. we are being told to wrap. and it is frank's birthday. so i might let him off the hook. >> whoa! you buried the lead. >> happy birthday, frankie. >> thank you. >> you're the man, chris. thank you, sir. >> bye-bye. >> have a good one. time now is 6:52. hope still alive this morning in the search for seven missing northern california boaters. we'll have the latest on the search coming up. >> plus, a frog that thinks
6:53 am
it's a dog. why some backyard amphibians are having an identity crisis. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
[ male announcer ] everyday, your car does a lot for you. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. california. they were aboard the boat that sank off the ast over the wee the search resumes for seven missing fishermen from northern california aboard the boat that sank often the baja california coast over the weekend. one person is confirmed dead. kristy seifkin has more on the victims and some of the survivors, as well.
6:56 am
kristy. >> reporter: good morning. we have gotten actually the identity confirmed of that gentleman who died. it's leslie yee a 65-year-old who was an employee of the "san francisco chronicle." and this his first fishing trip to baja after nearly 37 years with the newspaper. of the seven men who are still missing, we are going to take a look at a picture of four of them here. one is russell bautista from penngrove, donald lee of san ramon, gene leong of dublin, albert mien of twain harte. they were all close friends. and gene leong's family is still hopeful that the 69-year- old will return home alive. leong's son told us that his father received a purple heart in vietnam. he was taking that trip to baja for the first time. brian wong of berkeley is another one of the passengers who is still missing. this fishing trip was an annual familiar will tradition wong and his three brothers who did survive. now, we have just gotten word that a c-130 plane has been isn't by the u.s. coast guard
6:57 am
from sacramento down to mexico. one was sent yesterday and return, another on its way. they will continue the search in the air and will we have heard of scuba divers to going under water to find something in the debris at 200 feet below sea level. >> thank you, kristy seifkin live in our newsroom. in oakland this morning, the chief of police is planning to announce upcoming changes to his department. anthony batts will hold a news conference to discuss a reorganization aimed at he says inhansing public service. -- enhancing public service. under the budget, it will rehire 22 of the 80 police officers the department laid off last year. >> good news, weather wise? we'll get to traffic in a minute. >> i have a bumout actually. >> we go to the good news guy first. >> temperatures more reasonable outside. not going to see hot 100s
6:58 am
today. san jose a little subtropical moisture. remnants of a tropical storm making their way into the bay area today. more of a sea breeze kicking in at the coast will keep you cool at the beaches. hot 90s in the valleys. but a slow cooling trend over the next few days probably going to see temperatures struggling to get up into the 80s as we head in toward the middle of next week. those numbers running below average toward next tuesday. time now for traffic with elizabeth. >> unfortunately, we are just getting word of another accident on 880. this is our third of the morning. this time it's in hayward though. it is in the southbound lanes of 880 right there as you approach tennyson so it's in a bad spot. it's in a bad commute spot for those people heading towards the san mateo bridge. it's starting to back up in the southbound lanes. we are told two lanes are blocked right now. chp just got own scene so you can stay tuned for the latest traffic updates every half hour during "the early show."
6:59 am
a couple of earlier accidents on 880 both in oakland, everything is cleared. so quick trip from the coliseum up towards downtown oakland. mass transit by the way remains on time. to the south bay, 280 looks great heading out of downtown san jose. and i think i threw up one more camera. i thought i did. i thought i had the bay bridge. maybe not. it's backed up -- >> throwing up the bay bridge. >> gross. >> come on. >> okay. people are eating breakfast. we have enough time to check out the barking frogs ? >> frost croak and some sing but it's not too often you hear one bark. [ frog croaking ] >> that's what one man found in oklahoma outside his home. he shot video at night. they are primarily found in mexico and southeast arizona. >> a lot of funky things in oklahoma. >> once again, happy birthday to

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